Cynthia Sung, Ph.D.
Gabel Family Term Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics
Secondary appointment in Computer & Information Sciences
Secondary appointment in Electrical & Systems Engineering

Email: crsung (at)
Office: Towne 273
Phone: (215) 746-6057

Ph.D. Students

Wei-Hsi Chen (ESE)
weicc (at)

Jessica Weakly (MEAM)
jmcw (at)

Christopher Kim (MEAM)
cyoonjae (at)

Dongsheng Chen (MEAM)
dschen (at)

Daniel Feshbach (CIS)
feshbach (at)

Shivangi Misra (ESE)
shivangi (at)

Gabriel Unger (MEAM)
gunge1 (at)

Research Staff

Zonghao Huang (ROBO ’20)
zoh (at)

Master’s Students

Tejas Agarwal (ESE ’23)

Guanyu Chen (MEAM ’22)

Rongqian Chen (ESE ’23)

Jason Friedman (ROBO ’23)

Ruchi Gupte (ROBO ’23)

Alec Lanter (MEAM ’23)


Bruke Baraki (MEAM ’24)

Erica Feehery (MEAM)

Sarah Ho (MEAM ’23)

Luyando Kwenda (MEAM ’24)

Brianna Leung (BE ’25)

Sid Panchanadam (ESE ’23)

Tate Park (MEAM ’25)

Aarushi Singh (CIS ’24, WH ’24)

Ling Xu

Ling Xu (MEAM ’24)

Xingwu Yang (MEAM ’25)


Mason Mitchell (WPI, Mechanical Engineering ’23)

Louie Beardell (Episcopal Academy ‘23)

Bao To (The Peddie School, NJ)

Satviki Vasireddy (Princeton Day School ’23)


Yuchen Sun (M.S. ROBO ’21, CIS ’22), now at National University of Singapore
Mary Qin (B.S. CSCI ’22), now at Morgan Stanley
Celestina Saven (B.S. MEAM ’22)
Linda Ting (B. S. DMD ’22), now at Amazon Robotics
Joanna Wang (B.S. MEAM ’22), now at ASML
Shaun Fedrick (M.S. MEAM ’22), now at ASML
Zhiyuan (Annie) Yang (M.S. MEAM ’21), now at General Motors
Yifan Yuan (M.S. ROBO ’21), now at Plus
Max Doppelt (M.S. ROBO ’20), now at EverCompliant
Jaimie Carlson (M.S. ROBO ’19), now at Amazon Robotics