Meet Our Group at ICRA!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Philly next week!

If you are interested in our group’s work, check out the following sessions, where we’ll be presenting:

Tuesday, May 24 – Thursday, May 26: Come participate in our user study on Robot Design at the exhibition hall, Tuesday-Thursday 9am-6pm!! Live demos daily during the poster session.

Monday, May 23:

Tuesday, May 24:

Wednesday, May 25:

  • Yuhong Qin, Linda Ting, and Celestina Saven, “TrussBot: Modeling, design and control of a compliant, helical truss of tetrahedral modules”, Session WeA04
  • Yuchen Sun, “Repeated jumping with the REBOund: Self-righting jumping robot leveraging bistable origami-inspired design”, Session WeB15

Friday, May 17:

  • Jessica McWilliams, “A Soft Hybrid Aerial Vehicle via Bistable Mechanism”, GRASP lab tours
  • Dongsheng Chen, “Origami-inspired robot that swims via jet propulsion”, GRASP lab tours